You will find copies of presentations given or talked about during our EMSA Referee's Association meetings


Consistency presentation presented on Feb. 23 by Matt McCready

2013 Presentations 

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From April 13 - 2013 session

Update from March 16,2013.  LAW 14 - The Penalty Kick

A question from group created a discussion that required further insight.  Here is the correct answer...

Question 1):  Once the referee has "Identified the player"  taking the Penalty Kick can a player from the same team run in and take the penalty kick.  The answer is NO. 

Question 2): If two players from the team that have been awarded the Penalty Kick are standing outside the penalty area and one of them runs into the penalty area and takes the penalty kick and scores.  What is the restart?  The restart is a Penalty Kick and the goal does not stand.  

Here's why...
  • The law clearly states the player taking the kick "MUST BE IDENTIFIED."

  • First of all if the player of the same team taking the penalty kick came into the penalty area to take the penalty kick the player running in has "Encroached" the procedure. The law clearly states that all players must be positioned "OUTSIDE THE PENALTY AREA." 

Taking this further:  It is possible for that player who has been "IDENTIFIED" to choose not to take the kick.  Another player may step forward to take the kick.  That player again must be "IDENTIFIED" as the player taking the penalty kick.

Slides from Laws 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Feb 2, 2013

Referee Training 2013 Feb 2.ppt Referee Training 2013 Feb 2.ppt
Size : 829 Kb
Type : ppt

Video from Laws 4,5,6...Jan 19, 2013

EMSA Slideshow PPT.ppt EMSA Slideshow PPT.ppt
Size : 10705.5 Kb
Type : ppt

2012 Presentations

2012 Game Protocols.ppt 2012 Game Protocols.ppt
Size : 206.5 Kb
Type : ppt
EMSA - Strathroy Feb 25.ppt EMSA - Strathroy Feb 25.ppt
Size : 177.5 Kb
Type : ppt
Law 5 Feb. 25.pdf Law 5 Feb. 25.pdf
Size : 4111.332 Kb
Type : pdf
QUICKFIRE LOTG February11.pdf QUICKFIRE LOTG February11.pdf
Size : 64.64 Kb
Type : pdf
Assessment Presentation.pdf Assessment Presentation.pdf
Size : 99.343 Kb
Type : pdf
January 14th RIM 2012.pdf January 14th RIM 2012.pdf
Size : 5422.715 Kb
Type : pdf

2010 Presentations

Consistency_Presentation.pdf Consistency_Presentation.pdf
Size : 2.415 Kb
Type : pdf
FIFA_Back_to_Basics.pdf FIFA_Back_to_Basics.pdf
Size : 1.849 Kb
Type : pdf

Law 12 Summary presented on Apr. 27, 2010 by Wayne Sharp 

Law 12 Summary.xls Law 12 Summary.xls
Size : 0.031 Kb
Type : xls





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