Policy - Reffing Exhibition and Non Sanctioned Matches

The Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association will be contacting all Clubs and advising them of the requirements to secure the services of a registered game official for all exhibition games. 

Both teams and players must be properly registered and the District must be notified of the game as to who is playing along with when and where.  

If you are being contacted by whoever to officiate any Exhibition
Game, please take the following procedure:

Ask the person if both teams are registered with EMSA for the 2013 season.
You will need to contact myself with this information prior to officiating the game.
At: matt.emsadrc@gmail.com. 

Once you get confirmation, you are safe to go.

The teams are to complete an Exhibition Game sheet and the referees are to sign the sheet.  It is the responsibility of the 'Home Team' to submit the game sheet to the EMSA office. These are posted on the EMSA website.

It is imperative that you do not officiate non sanctioned games (teams not registered ).

Referees, Players etc. are all covered by the Ontario Soccer Association Insurance Policy once registered.
If you or someone else involved in a non sanctioned game gets seriously hurt, their is no Insurance coverage. Their could be an investigation which could lead to some sort of discilpine.

Please follow the rules, it's for your own protection.

Yours in Soccer,
EMSA DRC - Matt McCready.


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