Assessments are an integral part of all upgrading programs. All referees attempting to upgrade to Regional, Provincial, or that National List of Match Officials, must receive a certain amount of assessments over a period of time. Furthermore, all Regional and Provincial referees must receive a minimum of 1 assessment each season in order to maintain their classification.

Purpose of Assessments

  • To provide an advisory service, offering helpful comments and suggestions to referees interested in improving their performance
  • To encourage referees to adopt a process of self-analysis after each game
  • To establish a record of performance showing the referee's level of consistency and ability to operate at various levels of competition over a period of time
  • To provide information regarding the possible reclassification of a referee
  • To provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Referee Development Program 

3 Types of Assessments

  1. Maintenance Assessments (Provincial & Regional Referees)
  2. Assessments for Upgrading Provincial Referees and Upgrading Regional Referees
  3. Assessments for Upgrading District Referees


For more information and to download your assessment application form, click HERE








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