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Want to be a District Referee Coordinator?

Here is your chance. 

EMSA District is taking applications at this time. 

Please see details on how to apply below from EMSA President John Dutot.

Good Afternoon

Every three year we post the position of the EMSA District Referee Coordinator (DRC). This has no bearing on the ability or the work performed by current DRC in place. It is a process established by the District to be open and transparent in the opportunities (Appointed Positions) available to all who wish to apply.

It is also an opportunity to put your name forward for an opportunity to join the District Match Official Committee to assist in the application of programs to develop our match official pool.

Check out the requirements at:


Submissions can be forwarded via email to the EMSA Office at emsada@rogers.com or dropped off at the EMSA District Office, 295 Rectory Street, London Ontario N5Z 0A3

All submissions must be received prior to November 1, 2017.

Thank you

John Dutot

President EMSA District

Contact list for Ontario Soccer Staff and Ontario Soccer Assignors.


Nicky Pearson, 
Manager, Match Officials Development
Ontario Soccer


SNW, SNE, Sault, SN and SRSA – we are going to be hosting an LTOD Regional DRC Webinar at 7pm on Tuesday March 14th.  Sorry for the short notice, but we had to fit in where a day became available – We will record the webinar, so if you cannot make it, you can review after .  If none of you are available on the 14th, the next available date will be the same day that we host an LTOD session for your Match Officials on April 26th at 7pm.  We will send you the info on the webinar either later this week, or on Monday.

Frequently asked Questions:  http://www.ontariosoccer.net/page/show/3231172-ltod-frequently-asked-questions

I have attached 3 documents:

1.       LTOD Updates memo:  Here: 

2.       New Infographic for your websites and to put on your notice boards, with new OS Logo and Branding. Here: 

3.       District Administrators Presentation – we presented LTOD to the D.A.s at the Soccer Summit. Here: 


Thanks to all those that are working alongside us to move LTOD Forward – the response in the community has been extremely positive – a couple of naysayers, but we expected that.


Have a great day!

ManagerMatch Officials
7601 Martin Grove Road, Vaughan, ON L4L 9E4
905‑264‑9390 x238

Want to become a soccer Referee. Spots go quick.

What: EMSA Entry Level Clinic 
When: First Day: Apr 09, 2017 and 2nd Day Apr 14, 2017 
Where: London - BMO Centre London 
Cost: 125.00

Posted Feb 14, 2017

The Entry Level Match Official Clinic is for those who would like to become an accredited match official on 9v9 and 11v11 games and are 14 years of age (by March 31st of the current year) and older. By taking the clinic a match official is automatically registered for the upcoming season with the OSA and does not have to register again until the following year. 

2017IFAB Changes in the LOTG

Click HERE

Soccer Summit 2017 info: Here


Information Bulletin

Bulletin #:             I2017-007

Date:                     Jan. 18, 2017

To:                          District Administrators, Presidents, Technical Directors

CC:                        OSA Board of Directors, Staff

From:                    Nicky Pearson, Manager, Match Official Development 

Subject:               OSA announces Long Term Match Officials Development program 

The Ontario Soccer Association is proud to announce the launch of the Long Term Officials Development (LTOD) program.

Over the past three years, the Match Officials Development Committee and OSA Staff have surveyed, conducted analysis and discussed programming with thousands of registered match officials, Districts Referee Coordinators, clubs and relevant stakeholders throughout Ontario. 

From that work the LTOD program has been designed and it will advance match officials development in the same way LTPD revolutionized player and coach development.

A five-year strategic initiative of the OSA, the LTOD is now an integral component of the Operational Plan of the Soccer Operations Department. 

LTOD - The Pathway to Match Officiating Excellence:

LTOD will provide a standards-based education and development program, through strong leadership, inclusivity and support. 

All aspects of the Match Official Development Program will be strengthened, as Development Support Team members, Match Officials and the game will benefit from a ground breaking development and training program.

As an important part of the rollout of LTOD, the OSA will be hosting Regional LTOD Information Sessions across the province.

Regional LTOD Information Sessions are currently scheduled for:

  • Feb. 15 | BMO Centre, London
  • Feb. 22 | Canada Room, The Ontario Soccer Association, Vaughan
  • Feb. 28 | Tim Hortons Field, Media Room, Hamilton
  • Week of March 21 | York Region Offices, Concord
  • Week of March 28 | Kingston | TBD

Click here to RSVP to one of the LTOD Information Sessions.

All events will start at 7 p.m. and district and club boards, staff, administrators, coaches, players and parents are invited to attend any of these information events.

A selected event will also be livestreamed for those who cannot attend.

In addition to these Regional LTOD Information Sessions, the Match Official Department will be visiting districts over the next six to eight weeks to educate the Match Officials membership on what to expect from LTOD. 

If you have any further questions about the events, please contact Nicky Pearson.

CLICK HERE to see more on the OSA web-site.

 Notice:  February 1, 2017

EMSA Referees,

 I'm contacting you with two pieces of information...

Firstly, this years Ancaster Heritage Days Tournament will be June 2nd, 3rd and 4th. There will be an email sent out in the near future where I'll send out a bit more information and get your availability (if interested). There's alot of referees from the EMSA District that come so just wanted to pass along the dates!

Secondly, The Ancaster Soccer Club is reaching out to you - the Ontario Soccer Community in order to help properly recognize a local and national soccer superstar! 

I'm asking for 30 seconds of your time - maximum!

Ancaster born Melissa Tancredi appeared in 124 games for the Canadian National Team scoring 27 goals. Her accomplishes include CONCACAF champion in 2010 and Olympic Bronze medals in 2012 and 2016. On behalf of the Greater Hamilton Community, the Ancaster Soccer Club is petitioning to the City of Hamilton to rename Ancaster CC2 to Melisssa Tancredi Field. Your support is appreciated! 

Part of the process is a public support petition found here https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/tancredifield (like I said, 30 seconds, MAX), your support is greatly appreciated... 

Thank you all in advance for helping recognize an important part of Canada's soccer history!

Zach Muraca

Fitness Testing - Beep Test

Sat May 6/17 10 am-12 noon 1/4 Field - 100 people

Sat May 13/17 10 am - 12 noon 1/4 Field - 50 people

HI Test - Applying to host


All Session at BMO Centre London

  • Wed. Feb 15/17...7 - 9pm...Large room - Nicky Pearson, Tony Camacho, Matt McCready - Long Term Match Official Development and its Global Impact

  • Sat Feb 25/17...10am- 12 noon Medium Room - 10:00am DRC Matt McCready                                                                                   10:30am Denise Lalonde                              PRESENTATION HERE                         Metal Fitness & Mental & Health                                                                             Focus. (Nutrition)                                                                                                       http://deniselalonde.com/

  •  Sat Mar 11/17 10 am- 12 noon
  •  Large Room - Nicky Pearson, Tony Camacho, Matt McCready, Wayne Sharp - Long Term Match Official Development Program Rollout and Impact on Match Officials

  • Wed Mar 22/17 7-9 pm Medium room  -  Neil Kendrick / Abbi Lezizidis - Law Changes 2017

  • Sat Apr 1/17 10 am to 12 noon Medium Room  -  Neil Kendrick / Abbi Lezizidis - Law Changes 2017 & Exam Prep - Click here: Presentation You have to download the file to view.  Top left on the google drive.  Look for arrow pointing down.   It will take time to download. You must have Power Point to view.

  • Wed Apr 19/17 7-9 pm Large Room  -  Matt McCready & Guest  -  Ed Session and Season Kickoff

  •  Sun Apr 9/17  Medium Room 

  •  Fri April 14/17 Medium Room and Field



Webinar - Click HERE:

Print off Notes - Click HERE:


Matt McCready - DRC

Email Address: matt.emsadrc@gmail.com


Provincial Referee Since 2010  

Attended the first National symposium for the Provincial Upgrade Program

Trained under the tutelage of National/FIFA Instructors and Assessors

Have officiated games in the Former CSL, OUA, OCAA, PDL, W-League, WOSL, LAWSL, OYSL, OWSL, WOYSL, LDYSL.

Highlights: 2012 CSL Division 2 Final, 2012 U21 Ontario Cup Final, 2011 OCAA Finals Tournament 2010 OUA Bronze Medal Game, Various League and Divisional Cup Finals in WOSL and LAWSL

Regional Assessor Since 2014

Recently upgraded based on body of work accomplished

Completed numerous assessments in games from LAWSL, WOSL and OCAA

Former Fitness Test Supervisor 2013

Accredited to supervise the formerly utilized Cooper Test

Other Related Soccer Involvement

EMSRA - Assistant DRC, 2012 - 2014 Functioned as the recording officer, occasional instructor, education programmer, assessment program lead, mentorship program lead, liaison to the rural regions of the district, fitness program coordinator, Virginia Beach tournament co-coordinator

EMSA  Referee Association - Member 2010 - 2012

Elected by the membership to represent them on the three member referee executive committee where we focused on education sessions, fitness training and standardizing league and travel fees.

Middlesex United Soccer Club - President  2010

Elected by the membership  to run the organization during a time of transition.  Responsible for effectively managing volunteers, managing and being accountable for funds, representing the members best interests, and gaining some credibility and notoriety in the Strathroy-Caradoc and local soccer communities.  Contributed to a better relationship with all local soccer groups.

 Message from the DRC

Jan 12, 2015

Good Afternoon All:

First off ... Happy New Year to you all.  I hope your holidays were wicked and I anticipate you all have enjoyed your offseason from the 2014 outdoor scene.  It is with this break in mind that we have decided to launch the EMSA district inaugural Fitness Training Program.

Here is the information.

This program will run weekly starting next week on Thursdays at 8pm at the BMO Centre track.  The program will consist of educational training, fitness training and information surrounding warm-up, injury prevention, fitness testing, physical and mental health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The program is free of charge and open to all match officials and prospective match officials in the EMSA district.  The first session this thursday at 8pm will give us a baseline on where to build the program but the ultimate goal is to prepare everyone for fitness testing and a happy, healthy and fingers crossed injury free 2015 outdoor season.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or Traci Cummings our Fitness Program Coordinator.

Hope to see you all Thursday January 15 8pm at the BMO Centre Walking Track.  Please bring appropriate training gear, and indoor specific running shoes to not track the nasty outdoor conditions onto our running surface.

Yours in Soccer

Matt McCready & Traci Cummings
EMSA DRC Executive member

matt.emsadrc@gmail.com lawslrefs@gmail.com

on behalf of the EMSA executive council
Matt Mccready, EMSA

OSA Lightning Policy

Lightning Policy: Click Here Updated July 11, 2017

9 vs 9 Info

 1. Field of play Length 60-70 meters   Width 42-55  meters

2. Goal area instead of 6 yards, its 4.5 yards towards corner flags along goal line then 4 yards inside penalty area towards penalty mark or top of penalty area

3. Penalty area, instead of 18 yards its 13 yardspenalty mark is now 9 meters instead of 11

4.  Optional penalty arc  9 meters 

5. Size of the goal length distance between the posts in 5.48m (18ft) height of goal distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 1.82m (6ft)           Goal size =   6ft high x 18ft long 

6. The ball  either size 4 or 5   if its a 5  it must be a light ball = weight 350-370 grams and a circumference within 60-70cm

7. Minimum 6 players, maximum 9  players 

Unlimited substitutions may be made throughout the game. All substitutions are only allowed at the
discretion of the Referee and the Referee shall be advised of all substitutions.
The rules of the competition must state in which stoppages ( goal kick, corner kick, throw
substitutions are allowed

The length of
each half is 35 minutes.
The half time interval must
not exceed 10 minu

10   Goal Kick !    2    important differences from 11 vrs 11 

All opponents of the player team taking the goal kick
must be in their own half of the field and
cannot touch the ball until it is in play

The ball is in play once it leaves the penalty area and is touched by a
player of
team taking the goal

 Pls note:  Players must wear jerseys with sleeves.  All under garments must be the same colour at the jersey.

INFO Regarding RULES for LPTD

When we talk about Mini Soccer no matter the field size for the time being until the proper sized fields are established, We referees have to go with the Rules stated on the Link.

Basics are:
6 Yds from the restart
8 Yds for the Penalty Mark
6 Yds from the corner ark
6 Yds at Kick Off
Please read the Rules on the Link and feel free to inform others.


 We now have a TWITTER account.  

The idea behind the TWITTER account is to communicate directly with our referee's with a one stop shop.  The league coordinators, D.R.C. and Council will all have control of the TWITTER feed.  Were hoping TWITTER will make it very easy to communicate instantly News about Game Cancellations, Field info and Coordinators looking for a last minute FILL IN.  This will not be a forum to VENT about teams/players or a Fellow Referee. There will be ZERO Tolerance towards negative behaviour. 

Every time there is an update made to this web site your twitter account will NOTIFY you.

The Twitter account will be blocked and only those approved by council will be allowed to follow.  When setting up your current twitter account or if your currently on twitter add your mobile number in the following screen in your twitter settings.

Our account: @emsareferee

Set it up here: www.twitter.com


Click HERE to see the FIFA GUIDE LINES on Head bands 

Page 48. Section 24.2


The EMSA Referee's Association "Canada Referee Badges" and really cool Flip Coins currently available.

Click Here for more information

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